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Battling Drug Smuggling and Protecting Local Communities with Lt Olivarez

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Director for Counter Narcotics Technology


In this thought-provoking installment, we shed light on the collateral victims of the devastating fentanyl crisis and expose the criminals who prey on migrants.  Join us for this eye-opening conversation with Lieutenant Christopher Olivarez, the spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Lieutenant Olivarez offers a stark and unfiltered look into the reality of drug smuggling at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Prepare to confront the challenges faced by law enforcement in their relentless war on drugs.  Gain insights into the shocking involvement of legitimate pharmacies in narco-trafficking, uncovering a dark underbelly that undermines public safety and exacerbates the crisis.

Join us as we navigate the treacherous landscape where drug smuggling intertwines with the fates of innocent lives.  Together, let's forge a path toward understanding and explore the urgent need for comprehensive solutions in this ongoing battle against the opioid crisis.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • The dark realities of drug smuggling at the U.S. border
  • Criminals who prey on migrants
  • The collateral victims of the fentanyl crisis


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