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Sometimes It's Our Secrets That Can Kill Us: Breaking the Chains of Addiction w/ Danielle Burkett

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Director for Counter Narcotics Technology


Our guest, Danielle Burkett, had everything stacked against her.  Even when navigating an unstable upbringing and childhood trauma, she knew at a young age helping children in her position is something she was destined to do.  This desire stuck with her through years of substance use, mental health issues, crime, and eventually incarceration.

Now as a single mother, who recently suffered a stroke, she is still driven by that childhood passion, achieving her master's degree in social work, and starting her own non-profit, "Unlikely Journeys, Inc." geared towards helping youth and parents.  Danielle has made it her purpose to plant seeds of compassion, love, non-judgment, and gratitude in the lives she touches through her initiative.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • The power of having a clear mind and the ability to voice repressed trauma
  • The importance of teaching crucial aspects in schools that might be overlooked at home
  • The practice of gratitude and its transformative power
  • The concept of having a "peer coach" and its pivotal role in personal development




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