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A Mother's Journey: Healing Trauma, Addiction and Resilience with Lakeydra Houston

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Director for Counter Narcotics Technology


In this powerful episode of The Opioid Matrix, join host Michael Brown as he engages in a profound conversation with Lakeydra Houston, a veteran, advocate, coach, and mother.  As an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, Lakeydra opens up about her experiences with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the challenging journey of mothering a son who battles addiction.

With unwavering honesty, Lakeydra delves into the impact of her military service on her family, from the demands of active duty to the enduring effects of PTSD.  She fearlessly shares her personal struggles, including guilt, shame, and the heart-wrenching journey through her son's addiction.

As a true warrior and advocate, Lakeydra sheds light on the unique challenges faced by military families and emphasizes the vital importance of seeking help and support.  She passionately advocates for open conversations surrounding mental health issues within the military, impressing the importance of veterans being able to seek help without damaging their reputation.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Talking to your children about the dangers of recreational drug use
  • The dangers of normalizing drug abuse among young people
  • The high financial costs of addiction treatment
  • The significance of addressing emotional trauma to escape its grip



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