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Generational Cycles of Drug Trafficking: How we can fix it w/ Bradly Johnson of BUILD Inc. Chicago

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Director for Counter Narcotics Technology

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Welcome to The Opioid Matrix: A Journey Into The Rabbit Hole. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the International Side of the war on drugs.
In our conversation with Jen and Michael Brown, Counter-Narcotics Interdiction Business Development  Director at Rigaku Analytical Devices, we talk to Bradly Johnson, Chief Community Officer at BUILD Inc. Chicago about:
  • The Mission of Build Inc. Chicago.
  • How has the view on the War on Drugs and Drug-Related crimes affected Chicago’s Youth since the 90’s?
  • The Generational Cycle of Drug Trafficking.
  • How to Address Concentrated Poverty in cities.

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