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Breaking the Cycle: Preventing Drug Abuse in the Next Generation

Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Director for Counter Narcotics Technology


We speak with Rockwell “Rocky” Herron, Drug Abuse Prevention Ambassador and former DEA Agent. Since 2007, Rocky has delivered more than 700 presentations To over 140,000 students in schools around the world focusing on cultivating awareness in our youth about the current drug threat.

In this episode, we delve into how drug abuse disproportionately affects young people in America. We discuss the devastating consequences of drug addiction, and how it can ruin lives and destroy families. We also explore the role that schools can play in preventing drug abuse and promoting a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

In this conversation, Rocky focuses on: 

  • His experiences working at the DEA 
  • Strategies he uses to get through to at-risk youth about drug abuse 
  • The pivotal role a family unit and community play in the effective prevention of drug abuse in adolescents 

Join us as we strive to raise awareness about this critical issue and work towards solutions to keep our children safe and healthy.

Learn more about Rocky's work here: https://www.rockyherron.com/ 


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